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The Untouchable Blind
  • Blind always appear new and require no cleaning unlike external blind systems.
  • The blinds offer convenient light level and privacy by tilting the slats to your preference or lifting them for direct view.
  • Decrease internal heating, avoiding the cost of expensive air conditioning and sun damage to furnishings, fabrics and flooring.
  • Internal blinds can be used for many applications including doors, sliding doors, residential windows, commercial windows and office partitions.
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Insulseal Glass Distributors has been in existence for over 30 years focusing only on insulated glass products.  It wasn't until the new ownership change in 1999, did it venture into the specialty field of magnetically driven blind assemblies within the insulated units. 

Insulseal Glass prides itself on its expertise in this market and has proven its sustainability and excellent quality control with this magnetically sealed blind system, using OEM/ScreenLine perfected, quality materials.

Between the Glass Blinds

Internal glass blinds (blinds inside windows) are not new. Magnetically actuated glass blinds are not either.  One prominent manufacturer developed and patented a magnetically actuated system 24 years ago but failed on long-term reliability. Our IG products are better designed and have 13 years of successful real world applications. OEM’s patented tilt only blind system has been used in residential doors since 1997 with no known failures. The OEM-Screen line SL20C lift and tilt blind has been used in Europe for nearly 3 years and has gained acceptance as an alternative to standard room side interior shading products. OEM warranties its insulated blinds for 10 years.

We have been showing the product to architects, commercial and glass fabricators. The concerted opinion is that the insulated glass blinds are the perfect application for hospitals, medical centers, government buildings and schools. Between the glass blinds are being manufactured in Southern California by Insulseal Glass Distributors. They are selling them primarily for commercial applications but have been branching out into the residential sector.

Architects are thrilled with the concept since blinds inside windows, sealed between the glass, cannot get soiled or damaged unless the glass is broken. Therefore, no maintenance is required. These are key factors for public facilities. Our blinds can also be motorized and offered as remote control operation for any rectangular window application.

Between the Glass Blinds: An Innovative Concept